Childoscopy: Phases of life

When I was a child, I believe I could gather all the happiness in my life. I believe I could fulfill my every wish with a loud cry. Everybody treats you so well. You are in a pattern of sympathetic behavior. You are looked at as humble, loving, and respected. Your innocence drives you insane.

You don’t have a selfish actions towards other. All you do is an act full of innocence without self-sustaining behavior. You don’t know anything about the world which bites you in every step you take moving further and achieving something in life. Your life is great. Your wishes come true. You are nothing but the limelight in the shade of your parents.

The world is impressed by the beautiful faces of children not because they are delightful but because they don’t match the feelings of millions of people running for their needs and fulfilling their destinies. Every people who spend their time with innocent children are enjoying their time in life.

They mesmerize their own time when they were children and imagine the world was so fascinating as ever when your every action is so sweet and you expect nothing in return. You are in your own world, on your own path fulfilling your small destiny. There are no obstacles in your life since the world is too small for you and your wishes have no expectations at all. You are living in a real world where you don’t have to worry about your future.

It amazed me most since being a child, they are loved by everyone. People don’t see whether they are black or not, rich or poor, villagers or urban. Every people see the same adoring and charming face when they are in contact with every child.

They act as a child and when they act with selfless nature, the true human bondings evolve. The environment gets colorful just like the rainbow shines after the daunting and ugly rain. We humans are amazing. We thrive only for the sake of ourselves. We love to benefit ourselves not others.

But sometimes it changes precisely. If we meet the selfless creature around us, our attitude and behavior change simultaneously. Isn’t it an awesome gift of God? Wouldn’t it be super amazing when we all humans have the same sense of feelings across every individual we meet in our lives? That would be really fantastic.

I met a child. I flash back to my childhood and innocent days. She met a child so did it happen to her. People met a child and the scenario was the same. This, of course, is cosmopolitan in distribution since we all humans pass through the same phases of our childhood days.

And if I am not mistaken we are blessed with our childhood days and innocent phase. We accept their mistakes. We surrender them despite our selfishness. We honor their sentiments.

We love every act of the play. We enjoy being them. We pretend to be a child. But why not pretend to be human and show the same attitude and behavior to the individuals we meet in our lives. Making the world a beautiful place in the word of John Lennon itself, ” Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”


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