April, 2015 : A day to remember

April 25th, 2015 was a nightmare for every Nepalese. Personally, for me, I felt I was daydreaming. I did something which I had never done before. Lately, I was also happy with myself for doing something I could. During the time of 2015, I was working in Chhatrapati Free Clinic Hospital a community-based NGO situated at Chhatrapati, Kathmandu. I recalled the day was Saturday. I was preparing for my college event which was going to happen that day. When the clock crossed 12 noon, something happens which never happened before. There was a terrible shake. I along with my family members was able to reach to the nearby open ground. Since it was the first experience, I thought everything might be okay and the life will continue as before.

But I was wrong. Later I heard, a strong 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal in the area near Barpark, a mountain village between capital Kathmandu and tourist town Pokhara. I was shocked to hear the different old cultural monuments near Basantapur got destroyed along with Dharahara with other historical sites in Patan and Bhaktapur. That was really a sad part. During my stay at the open ground, a public school called Kanya Mandir, I along with my, some friends were helping the old aged people to come there since the ground was still shaking. I remembered how we managed to take 90 years old women who were living nearby my house. But she neither can walk nor stand rather crawl on the ground. She can only sit on the ground.
Her relatives were trying to take her to the safety zone but were not able to do so. I saw that scenario and took the advantage of immediately being an employee of the hospital. I went there and took the wheelchair, put her in it and urgently took her to the safe area. That was the big relief for her family and us. We tried to help every old people in my area who were unable to come to the desired place.

After that, I remembered the hospital where I worked. Believe me or not, it was breathtaking moments for me. The nurses and doctors were limited and other health attendants were also not enough. All the communications platforms were blocked. The injured people, even the dead ones being brought there in the Emergency area. Their body full of dust. Most of them were from the community people which I had seen time and again. Emotions and love towards their family members fully depicted on their faces. Carrying their injured dear ones with hands and screaming for help. It was a tragic moment for me. I tried to help the nurses by assisting them. I also managed the infrastructures since the injured ones coming to the hospital was increasing. I was from the management section so it was my prime responsibility to do so. But without hesitation, I did everything which an ordinary individual had to do.

The saddest part of the day was the dead bodies which were being deposited in the corner of the hospital. I was given responsibility to look after it. Wrapping them with the black sheet of plastic. Also, helping their family members to put the tag name of the dead ones so that they can consult with the cops for further inquiries. Lately, I felt that whether I was dreaming or living in the situation. Emotions, grief, tear, sorrow, scream were there in the very air that passes by. Literally, I was touching the dead bodies. There were younger ones too who died. Life took away so fast. In those moments, I could only imagine and pray to the gods that the death tolls and the injured ones would not increase. I also realized what might be the situation in other parts of the country. Every person is responsible for such a situation and should try what they can do from their side. I stayed in the hospital till the evening. My family members were too worried about me. So being with them was a must. The road was quiet and empty. Every people were shifting their place to the open ground. It was a tragic day for all. I again wished I could go back to the old days where life was simple and usual.

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