The footsteps to beautiful Valley: Sikles

We hear Nepal as a multicultural society as many people from different cultural diversion live here unitedly bounded by peace and harmony. The amazing part is that they have preserved their traditions, beliefs, norms, and values from generations and still defending and protecting it with full devotions and dedications.

Sikles village; a Gurung community lying north to the Pokhara Valley is a great example where the human settlements hide with preserved cultural glories and tradition, gentle human attire, majestical and amazing natural beauties, varieties of floras and faunas, breathtaking mountain views and heavenly pathways which are surprisingly precious assets of this region. The community is a splendid place to visit who are willing to take off from a busy life schedule.

The drive to Sikles starts from Pokhara to Kaukhola. The road is good unlike Kathmandu must mention pollution and traffic jams. From Kaukhola, the bus to Sikles can easily be found probably with a time gap of one hour. The ride is around five hours with bumpy, muddy (depends upon weather) and amazing landscape. The bus drives from the small plain river called Kaseri Bijaypur Khola. One might get confused easily to the direction the bus drives off from the flat plain land via  Kasari Khola but the adventure is joyful.

Though the road is steep with lots of ups and downs the ride is joyful. Along the way, the amazing landscapes, waterfall, and heavenly scene are fascinating across the trail. The bus ride is also good when some song you never heard plays continuously and you are enjoying the trip. Songs played in the bus is usually traditional and folk which might add more melody as it might be the different taste to a new genre of music.

The Sikles village looks like a preserved community of a combined group of houses especially known for the Gurung settlement. As per the senior local, the word Sikles means “to teach” in Nepali where those group of people learned all the necessary requirements for their living from this small village and moved to different parts of the country. It is that the origination of maximum Gurung people began from this society. Most of the people are seen in their traditional dress of Gunyu and Cholo for woman and Bhoto, Bhangra, Topi and Kachad for man.

Some of the major attractions are the View Tower from where the whole of the Sikles as well as Tantin Valley can be seen. The chattering and sound can be heard coming from different houses which is nice to listen to. The homestay here is also very nice with affordable price and warm hospitality and care showed by the owners. Bala Gurung Daju from Laxmi Guest House served with delicious Daal Bhaat making the journey more delicious as the whole of the constituents of the meal was organic. The local wine so-called Jhyaaikuti helped to forget all the tiredness of the journey. Every household has their own organic farming where they produce cauliflower, potato, and different vegetables. Also, the villagers here depend on farming and grazing cattle for income generation.

Apart from that, the major source of attraction of the valley is the mountain range of Annapurna, Lamjung which can be viewed around 30 minutes walk from the valley. One can view the amazing portraiture, whispering, and singing of wild birds, butterfly species and echoing off the water from the river. It is protected under Annapurna Conversation Area. The way to Kapuche Taal also begins from Sikles. The taal is frozen glacier with crystal clear water. It is a whole day trek.

 Sikles village; a wonderland of Gurung community is a heavenly place to visit for every visitors who are planning to take a short term break from their busy schedule. This place is a must to visit for every traveler who is an adventure seeker and wants to explore the culture and beauties of the particular community. The locals are too tune into saving their culture and the environment which are the treasure of this place. The sense of saving the environment and forest should be in the mindset of every person who is the citizens of such a paradise city. Nepal is a boon for the natural beauty and is known for its tourist attraction. Unlike Sikles there are many secret places hiding in many corners of various regions of Nepal which needs exploration from where massive visitors can be benefited along with the promotion of local tourism.

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