The political madness in Nepal

Nepal one of the wonderland of the world. The country has the Himalayas; it is the birthplace of the symbol of peace, Lord Buddha; the residence of thousands of temples and statues that lives in every corner of the society. The ancestors have deep faith and belief towards culture and religion. These are the baselines while describing how great our country Nepal is. How miraculous it is. Our nation indeed carries the pride and glory that the world recognizes. When any foreigners hear about this country, their expression automatically changes and something good instantly pops up from their mouth.

As glorious as our country is, the same like that how fed up our nation is in the authoritative level. This has become a long trend in the history of Nepal. This small landlocked country is overwhelmed by the political interest that people are using for the sake of their benefits. But those dictators or rulers who ruled against the pride of our innocent motherland had always led to their self-destruction as nobody is supreme than our birth land. Many harsh rulers, selfish leaders ruled our country but our motherland reacted when the time required and superiority and madness of those autocracies vanished like the smoke of the fire having no destination.

Let’s began with some past histories supporting some evidence. During the seventeenth century, when Kathmandu valley was ruled by the Malla rulers, despite having contributed excessively in the field of art, culture, and literature, the leaders carried the political interest and were misleading and playing against the sentiments of the people. The Newa rulers were involved in conspiring, terrorizing, and killing each other in the name of ruling the country. The dictators were crazy and they were in the verse of selling their motherland for gaining the political supremacy. The political scenario was very worst during that time when the self-interest of the rulers was reaching a peak than that of the interest of the country. Finally, the oppressed motherland reacted and the century-long Malla Era came to an end that gave birth to the Shah Dynasty from the land of Gorkha so-called the brave Gorkhalis.

The rulers changed but the attitude remained the same. The leaders conspired with each other to gain power and rule the country. Nobody thought of keeping the identity of their motherland in the first position than their self-political interest on the other side. They all were fulfilling their political interest without giving any importance to the benefits of the people. The queens were conspiring; the princes were conspiring so that environment around the Royal Palace became the arena for conspiracy. As the powerful people of our country were not united, the outsiders took the advantages which became the reason for Nepal to lose its land through the medium of a treaty like “Sugauli Sandhi” which is still a nightmare in Nepalese politics.

When Shah Rulers were busy conspiring themselves, it gave birth to the autocratic Rana Regime. All were just fulfilling their self-interest but the interest of the country worsened rapidly. The civilians of the country were punished severely without any crime. They were deprived of education. They were treated like animals.

Instead of the country going into prosperity, it was into self-destruction. And unlike all the rulers, Rana Regime was also conspiring with each other for political benefits and in the verse of obtaining political power. They announced Shree 3 Maharaj. What a shame? That’s very pity. The brothers were conspiring among themselves to be in power and called themselves as Shree 3 Maharaj. But that superiority ego could not last long as the oppressed people raised the voice against it showing love towards their motherland and the cruel regime was over throne forever in the history of Nepal.

Many rulers came and passed but the Nepalese citizens had never felt the development in their lives. No, any rulers did something that impacted the lives of the people. Anything they did, carry their self political interest that will benefit themselves near future. With the end of Rana Regime many rulers like King Tribhuwan, Mahendra, Birendra, and last king Gyanendra ruled the country. Some of the rulers indeed did something for the sake of the nation but still, there is no historical evidence that they had done a great thing that has impacted the lives of poor people who are dying of hunger in an underdeveloped country like Nepal.

Before the end of the Shah Dynasty, King Gyanendra also took some steps which were against the will of the people. People were agonized and frustrated by the actions of the kings who were always trying to take the power and rule in the autocratic style. They were always hindering the sovereignty of the people. The king was conspiring with the leaders who were not elected from the wills of the people but directly appointed and controlled by him. It was the regular phenomenon when the King was involved in many conspiracies to be in the supreme power and rule without being responsible to the people. The people reacted accordingly and the huge revolution occurred in 2062/63 B.S that overthrow the king in the history of Nepal.

From the Malla Era to the Shah Dynasty, history had shown that any rulers who ruled against the wills of the people and betray their motherland are punished. Now though Nepal had entered the Federal Republic State, the political parties are madly tuned into fulfilling their political interest. 2020 is being a big disaster in the history of Nepalese politics. The inability of the political leaders to properly direct the nation and work according to the will and interest of the people had made the country fall into another big destruction.

The Corona Virus Pandemic, the interference of the neighboring nation India and the self-interest of the political leaders is making the country drowned into serious troubles. In this advanced human world, ignoring the people’s will and ruling the country with improper directions is the most shameful act that would be recognized in the history of Nepal. In this harsh situation, the political parties are busy fighting their internal conflict.

During the Maoist led insurgency, 17,000 people lost their lives. Now blood of those martyrs is demanding justice. They agreed to kill themselves for the benefits of the country so that all the people are treated equally, everyone gets the opportunity to live a deserving life and most importantly the country gets its deserving leader. The leaders cheated on people. When the civil war was over, they were involved in fulfilling their interest, appointing their relatives on the position of ministers and not working for the benefits of the country. Instead, the political environment worsened. The Federal Republic state consisted of more ministers, more government officials which increased the government expenditure impacting the economy. The mother earth will curse those betrayers who had cheated on the people because KARMA will roll back with the phase of time.

The question always remained what the country had achieved in this huge political turmoil. The country is always being cheated, tortured, and victimized by the people carrying their self-interest. The nation is weeping in tears that someone from the great heart would come and take care of this mother earth properly with pride and glory The intention to gain the political power is amazing as it blinds the people and allows them to take the decision which is not in the favor of the nation This is the long going trend in our beautiful country Nepal.

From the ancient stories like Mahabharata, Vishma; one of the great admirable warrior in the last moments of his life through the medium of his sanity advice also proclaimed that anyone who works against the will of the nation will surely be punished in the time to come. When the rulers rule against the will of the citizens, they are cursed by the mother earth. The self-interest of the rulers should be always in favor of the benefits of the people. If those leaders work for the advancement of society and the nation as a whole, they will be remembered in many generations to come. It is still applicable in the present scenario and many generations to come. So, when the political madness is overlapped by the sanity, the peace prevails which directs the people to live a happy and prosperous life.

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