Building self-esteem: A cure for Corona

From Wuhan China to the capital city of Nepal, the number of infected people was increasing. We used to hear about this virus as a trouble maker that could seriously impact our society and family as a whole. The terms and conditions of taking precautions were abundantly known by everyone. Being cautious and applying the safety protocols, I was too infected with Covid-19.

Before testing, I used to have a feeling of restlessness and body ache. It made me felt different tackling the weird situation which never happened before. But as said, we could have a high degree fever with the loss of taste and smell and probability of difficulty in breathing, fortunately, did not happen to me. But I was sensing the different vibes with unusual body behavior.

Corona challenges the self-esteem of the person. It’s been one year we had been hearing about this disease and its effect that could take our lives. But when one hears the news that he/she is infected by the virus, they would feel that the world is strange and people are strangers. Different type of energy surrounds them affecting body to be numb or paralyzed. When I heard the news that I was tested positive, my body pained and I sensed the heat all over the body making me overwhelmed.

Just before the day of Ghatasthapana, the first day of Dashain, I was tested positive which was a bad for me. How could one be in quarantine and isolation for 14 days was the moment to think? On the day of hearing the news, I slept earlier. But the day after that was full of challenges since isolating oneself was not an easy task. I had known that, after a person is infected, they have huge chances of transmitting the virus to others, so they should stay alone and isolate themselves to avoid contact which is called self-quarantine. Quarantine means “Strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease,” This is the time when the virus is in the active stage which could easily be transmitted to others if one is not cautious.

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The first earlier days were difficult for me since I was not prepared for it and the incident came instantaneously. I was dependent on my family for food which I felt not appropriate. So I thought of an idea to buy the essential kitchen utensils with the help of my neighbor and necessary food for the required days. I did that and it worked perfectly for me since I could avoid the people and minimize the risk. The second day was better than the first and so on. During the initial quarantine days, I felt weakness followed by unusual and uncomfortable breathing. There was no other option but to face it by avoiding the stress and taking it as normal.

The seven to eight days passed and as I had known after that there was less chance for the virus to be transmitted to others which means the virus will be a little passive and my isolation days started for about 12 days except for 8 quarantine days. I experienced that the cure for corona is drinking hot water with the addition of medical herbs like Gurjo (Nepali word), besar, Jeera, Methi, Jwano, Tulasi Patta. I had estimated the quantity required and I drank it for continuously 18 days.

While doing research, I also came to know the essence of doing Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in the nostrils and tongue. Before the person is infected, the virus usually stays inside our nose or the neck for usually 4-5 days. And after that, it enters the heart, kidney, and other delicate areas through the esophagus making life a lot more difficult. So the remedy for that is if we could take the precaution by regularly inhaling the hot water steam and saltwater gargar (Nepali word) with the mild hot water.

With taking extra precautions and being infected by it, I also came to know that the people who are over cautious and take serious precautions are the first one to be attacked by it whereas the people who are simply cautious and realizes that corona will not impact their regular lives staying happily have fewer chances of affecting with Covid-19. This might be the reality from the other side of the coin. The reason behind that might also be that the person who is over-cautious do have the fear that they might be infected by the virus so there might be fewer chances to develop the antibody within themselves making them vulnerable while the person who takes it normally thinks that they can control the effect of this virus with the strong will power so that they internally develop the antibodies necessary to fight with it.

After all, we had all known about the person’s positive attitude and strong determination has a major role to survive this pandemic. If we are kind to each other and help each other by sharing experiences and motivating each other, we can win this battle. This pandemic had also taught a lesson that we human beings should be untied and help each other in need, staying away from the insane act thinking and doing for our benefit and interest. Finally, this disease had taught the surprising lesson that everyone shares impurity and social dilution in a society where there is domination and isolation in the name of caste, culture, and creed. We must learn everyone is equal in the eyes of Corona.

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