The nation weeps so do people

Do we live in a nation where most people don’t know what’s going on?  The politician betrays people in every way. The recent trend describing the actions and gestures shows it very clearly. But the sad part is that people still believe them. When the biggest political parties were united, they talked as if peace and stability would soon be the destiny of Nepal. But later when they were divided, they insulted themselves and the pride of Nepal. They showed the height of shame. And the people suffer as they do.

In the recent interview, the PM spoke and said that peace and prosperity had reached in every household. People had felt development in their daily life. He talked about prosperity. But the reality was completely different. We are facing the same problems. The road in our neighborhood is broke so the pollution is in excess. Recently, Kathmandu was the most polluted city in the world. Still, the great leaders cheat on people. They never accept reality and did not dare to speak the truth in favor of the nation.

Humanity had lost completely. Everyone works for the benefit of themselves, their relatives, and belongingness. The value of the degree is feebly respected.  The power and connections work. The newspaper speaks a lot about them. The whole country is cheated but the people forcefully had to accept the bitter truth and reality.

Free education and health are the basic rights of the people. But the condition is different. Education is very expensive in Nepal so do health. Living a healthy life requires blessings. But still, the authoritative and responsible people cheating goes on and on. Why this fate of Nepal is a big curiosity for every person who loves Nepal. 

Is this fate of Nepal? Why this country is lagging behind and youths are more diverted into foreign employment and study. Why people have lost hopes and are tired by the system and procedures to do the simple things. Life during ancient times was much easier than in this present globalized and technical world.

Sexual violence, brutality in the name of religion, and false hopes and beliefs are the gifts of this present era. Not only Nepal but the whole world is in this dangerous scenario and the retaliation against this seems to be impossible. Is this going to be the end of the world? Who knows?

Who might have wondered life would turn into such a phase

Where violence, brutality, and selfishness are among the craze

Dreams and destiny are hard to achieve

The betrayal of those rulers is never to forgive

Never to forgive.

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