A hike to Bagdwar

What’s so special about this destination which enables you to visit quite often? Probably for multiple times.  It’s quite certain. It is one of the nearest National Parks in Nepal from the point of Kathmandu valley. The Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is unique in its own way. Even though I had visited numerous times, I am not satisfied going there. It lies on the top of the Budhanilakantha Hill through the way of Narayanthan; one of the traditional and culturally important places of Nepal.

The National Park offers various destinations for travelers to visit like Bishnudwar, Bagdwar, Nagi Gumba, Chisapani symbolizing the perfect place to explore and get entertained in the wildlife settings. The greenery, the forest, echoing off the birds, leaves of the trees, and whispering of the wind works as a therapy for everyone who is tired by the unimagined vibes of the city. The hike to Bagdwar is one of them.

This hike usually needs 6 to 7 hours to complete. It is a moderate hike with a difficulty level medium. The Shivapuri peak offers you a magnificent view of the Ganesh Himal and different other Himalayan Range along with the statue of Shivapuri Baba in the meditating posture. The long hike definitely describes the pattern of life with many ups and downs. The struggle is a continuous phase of life but it is not permanent. Same as that hiking destination. We need to struggle quite a bit to reach the top and have the best view. Until then we have to encounter challenges. But once accomplished, it is fruitful.

Bagdwar hike is a dense one and challenging too. We need to keep hydrated for making this journey wonderful. We also need to keep our trashes and plastic bags aside and try not to pollute our environment. Among them, timing is very important. We need to estimate our time and move according to it. Otherwise, there might be several consequences but the adventurous one. The pricing to enter the National Park is Rs 100 for ordinary Nepali. We can take snacks, lunch, and food and make it memorable hiking.

The hiking trail is quite amazing with continuous going up while ascending and going down while descending. Many hikers encounter the knee problem while descending so taking precautions and equipped with the necessary first aid and medical materials are recommended. The Park is protected by the Nepalese Army and any harm to the wild animals is prohibited. The jungle is the homeland of 2,122 plant species, 318 species of birds, and 24 species of mammals including clouded leopard, pangolins, and Assamese monkey.

The air quality is too different when you enter the forest area. You can feel it yourselves. It is also a good escape from Kathmandu which recorded the worst air according to Air Quality Index (AQI) among the world during January 5, 2021. It also spreads the environmental awareness that where there are trees, there is life.

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