Cycling to Naghi Gumba

Shivapuri National Park is the closest protection area of forest, wild birds, and animals for the people of Kathmandu. It covers 159 square km lying in the north and 12 km away from the capital city. It lies straight up from the famous sleeping Bishnu statue; the god of water. It is quite tedious to reach the front gate of the conservation area due to the pollution but the road condition is improved, credit to the past prime minister of Nepal; Sher Bahadur Deuba whose residence is also Budhanilkantha.

This place is wonderful for cycling as it offers adventure, hard work with the view of the amazing landscape of the Kathmandu Valley. The entry fee for a person with a bicycle is Rs 100/- for Nepalese. It varies for foreigners. Shivapuri National Park offers various cycling trails like Bishnudwar, Tarebhir, Chisapani, Suryachaur including Naghi Gumba.

The Naghi usually takes around one and a half to two hours. Naghi Gumba is a nunnery place in the middle of the jungle. It is the religious community of women living in the monastery. They are often called “Aani” in Nepali. The cycling route is uphill requiring effort and hard work. There are two ways to reach the Naghi Gumba; one is the pedestrian route (bharyang bata jane) and the other is the cycling route. The cycling trail is quite amazing and perfect to view in the wilderness of nature and its natural gifts.

The moment is quite blissful when you reached the destination which your continuous dedication and effort. Cycling uphill is also anonymous to the journey of life. Life is also about hard work. When we put the continuous effort, we will achieve something in the future. But it requires our regular time and commitment.

The atmosphere and environment are amazing in Naghi Gumba. The regular pray, chanting followed by the peaceful music (feels like Tibetan) make your mind out of the distraction of chaos and the crazy surroundings of the city. Those nuns living in the Gumba had already left the materialistic world and lived in tranquility and peace.

Many visitors come to Naghi to experience the peaceful vibes but the atmosphere is changing with the pace of time. People still are unaware to manage the trash they bring polluting the environment. You will definitely feel shame when you encounter some Aani with unman-aged trash deposited nearby. The nuns living there have to supervise the rubbish and waste the visitors throw after having their snacks and meals. The monastery also faces disturbances as the growing trend of making the TikTok videos is popular among the youth. It pollutes the environment and the nuns living there. They wished it is controlled.

The downhill trail is quite adventurous and fantastic. The effort that you had while ascending will give you satisfaction when descending. You can quietly and peacefully cycle to return enjoying the majestic nature of the Shivapuri National Park. It is the perfect medication that will boost and energize you to enjoy the marvelous gift of nature.  

P.s: Always wear a helmet

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