Why Nepal is still underrated?

Centuries had passed since King P.N Shah united Nepal. The country was never ruled or controlled but remained a sovereign state since its origin. People with diverse castes, cultures, and religions are united by we-feelings. The natural gift is spectacular. It is the country where great philosophers, saints, and writers were born. The Nepalese have skills, a working attitude, a brain, and a strong faith and desire to accomplish something.

Even though we have everything, the sad reality is we feel we have nothing. More than 80 lakh youths are forced to live abroad leaving their family and motherland. They are risking their lives to fulfill the dreams of their children and family. The people are unwillingly destined to live the life which they never expected.

Why this frustration in Nepal? Nepal showed signs and symptoms of improvement but it never got improved. Now, it can be guaranteed that the country is being directed and regulated by the powerful nations of the world. Surely, India, China, and the USA. The so-called political leaders of Nepal are being guided and influenced by them and would never work for the benefit and prosperity of the country.

Even though the country turned into a federal republic state, the political powers were only exercised by the politicians and it never impacted the declining and frustrating attitude of the people. Rather, it made the people realize that the governing bodies had already failed to meet the expectations.  Though Nepal is in the verse of federalism and a secular state, it is creating more conflict and havoc and inspiring the people to fight each other in the name of religion.

Recently, an ordinance was passed relating to the distribution of Nepalese citizenship based on descent in the name of the mother to the child whose father is not identified. Indeed, every citizen should not be deprived of their nationality but the recent citizenship bill through the means of the ordinance when the house of representative is dissolved is not an effective way for the government to decide it quickly. This bill should be enforced with deep consultation between the experts of the related field, policymakers, and human rights counselors.  

All the happening in Nepal showed that Nepal is searching for a guardian who will never allow the motherland to be at risk. People believe that the king is only the one who will guide the Nepalese. It is better to tolerate 1 “Raja” than 100s of “Maharaja”. Nepal is at great risk because of the western influence and strong powerhouse so this beautiful nation should instantly think of alternatives to swipe away all the rotten politicians and elect a fresh person with energy, courage, hope, and motivation to lead the people.

The trend of working abroad should be boycotted and people should get the platform to work, earn and live a happy life with their families. The brilliant brains should get the opportunity in Nepal to contribute to research and innovation rather than investing their mind in America and other European nations. It is a matter of the right person qualified to lead the people. If people see no hope, just remember Kulman Ghising who changed the belief of the people that some leaders are also working to change the negative perception in the mind of people. So, the country is in the land of possibilities and hopes that this nuisance will be over soon.

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