Kapuche Glacier Lake

Traveling is a therapy. Being a Nepali, you should take at least a minimum break of once a year to travel around the topographies of Nepal.

Why not? Nepal is one of the top 10 destined places to visit in the world by Lonely Planet for 2022.

SIkles Valley

2021 A.D for me was the Kapuche Glacier year which was the trekking destination from Sikles, a beautiful Gurung Community.


From Kathmandu – Pokhara (By flight – 25 minutes)

Pokhara – Kau Khola (Taxi charge – Around NRs 500)

Kau Khola – Sikles (via jeep)

Being a traveler to Sikles valley two times, the transportation system was completely changed.

Initially, local buses via Kau Khola, once in an hour used to take the passengers to Sikles (It was easy, cheap, and the best means of transportation) but we noticed only Jeep service as the road condition was renovated.

Personally, for me, it made our traveling schedule go late as the jeep service would take the travelers only in the case all the seats are reserved.

The per person charge for it was NRs 700 and the seating capacity was 10.

For my second time in Sikles, I felt the politics had entered in those fresh and green jungles in the name of road and competition between jeeps and buses. (Negative Rating -5).

If in case someone is traveling solo or in pair, the jeep service would make you hectic.


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Never mind, I was not intended to write all these but we should try to grab the information where we travel.

The 4-5 hours drive will take you to Sikles.

We stayed in Laxmi Guest House.

A warm and hospitable environment will make you forget all the hindrances of the way.

The first night was on Sikles.

Don’t miss the opportunity to look at the neighbor Tangting Valley; the shining of Lamjung and Annapurna and the beautiful glowing Sikles village.

For us, the real moment began the next morning at 8.

When you start your journey from Sikles, those Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal will play hide and seek with you.

You can either reach Hugu or in the shade of Kapuche on the first day of the trek.

To be honest, the journey is a hard one as the route is made only by the continuous ups and downs of the travelers.

You will also listen to the flow of the Madi River during your journey.

It will usually take 5-6 hours to reach Hugu Village.

It is preferred to have your meal i.e. Daal/Bhaat after reaching Hugu. Hotel Labim is a nice place to relax and have your lunch.

Hugu Village
Hugu Village

After having a rest at Labim, we decided to spend our night at the tiny settlement at Kapuche Lake.

It was nearly a 2-3 hours trek from Hugu.

It is recommended to walk with your friends after Hugu. It is because we have to cross the dense jungle and it is somewhat frightening.

There are few homestays near Kapuche Lake. We stayed in Hotel Avalanche.

Settlement near Kapuche

After reaching here, you will sense every life is not easy and comfortable with the city life.

But, those who love to enjoy the new surroundings, you would be fascinated by it.

We campfire at night and jammed with the special menu of “JHYIKATTE”, a local rakshi.

The next day we woke up early to view the Kapuche Glacier Lake. It was magnificent.

Kapuche Glacier Lake

The place was filled with Nepalese travelers. I was surprised to encounter the economy of Nepal in the tourism sector was bounced back by the Nepalese despite the worldwide lockdown due to Covid.

After sitting in the lap of nature with some photography and videography, we set back to our lodge.

We had some heavy breakfast and planned to go back to Pokhara on the same day.

But you could stay at Sikles the same day and enjoy the warm hospitality and food.

Managing the people and making it a group of 10 while trekking would be the best in order to find the Jeep at Sikles Bus Stop. (Recommended for solo or pair travelers)

Fortunately, we could manage the group and be able to return on the same day at Pokhara.

After reaching Pokhara the time is yours. There are abundant facilities so there is nothing to worry about.

Nepal is insanely beautiful as those pictures shine bright.

Love your life and keep loving natural Nepal.


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