Sunken April

There awakes the innocent boy

Inspects the surroundings with great joy

The blooming daisies and sweet peas

The heavenly sky and fascinating trees

Yeah ! it’s the month of April.

He is so sweet and insane

Oh gosh ! forget about the insanity by human

Neither his dreams are too big

Destiny of human deed like a stupid freak

Probably it’s the month of April

The little fellow adhore his mom and dad

Same as this month sings many melodious tracks

If you don’t believe, just sit on nature’s lap

But cautious warning , Do not get laid by humans trap

Probably it’s a drowning April

Is something worst happening ? the young lad desperately thought

Responded his mama being down to earth

She began to bow down with shame

The month of April was a hilarious game

Perhaps it’s a falling April

Oh man ! isn’t it a historical season

Where everything is shut down for the specific reason

The curious lil fellow just want to lay off

And get back to his schooling job

Despite the bitter reality on top

Undoubtedly it’s a sunken April.