Peaceful Destiny : Bhotechaur

Taking out sunglass and a pair of face masks. Oops, a reminder a pair to travel the beautiful city of Kathmandu, I headed towards Bhotechaur with my friend on a motorbike. It was a 20km ride from Sankhu. I started my journey from Ratna Park. Steepy rocky and damaged road added more fun to travel with my black dress turned almost white.

Reaching ahead of Sankhu, the place was named Lapsifedi. I found the place still being dense with the settlement with no changes at all with a comparison to my hometown in the city where I live in. I felt the same taste of being in my crowded beloved house. I got to know that there is a beautiful Chiya Bagan (Tea plantation) a way head and a trout farming field a way ahead. I thought Bhotechaur would be fascinating since I had been to Surya Chaur (Gongabu-Tokha-Jhor-Gurjebhanjyang-Suryachaur)  from where the epic the great Himalayan range could be seen and it was like wow man it’s great. I found the great buildings and resort over there and people partying all over. Yeah, it was a Saturday and people do love it.

I reached a way to Chiya Bagan but unfortunately, it was closed. What the hell. We had come from far across the distance traveling almost like 40 km from the core city of Kathmandu. I heard from the local people that the land was being invested by some investment company for tea farm. We know it requires the huge amount of such an effort but suddenly during the time of extraction of the product, it was only benefited for the local people with no return to the investors. It was sad to hear that. Common we went to see some natural beauty but what we heard. It was a pity.

There were some travelers coming around to this place but they were all in the same consequences like ours. Now the last alternative to visit the trout farming. We must for the sake of our lovely Saturday. It was not far from that Chiya Bagan. People loving the taste of fish which were fresh and new. I heard the price per kilograms of fish around Nepalese rupees 1400. I along with my friend went there just to have some nice view far away from the city no killings of animals from our side. We relaxed, had some quality time and it was somehow good around there. We would rate 3 out of 5 for the people who are wishing to visit Bhotechaur in upcoming days. Returning back, I changed my face mask. Oh god! the first one turned whole dirty. No problem it is life over here which we enjoy a lot.DSC_0277

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